There’s no hiding that Overclock3D is funded entirely from advertising. Without it we wouldn’t be able to pay our staff, in turn forcing them to eat the styrofoam wotsit-like packing material from any products sent in for review! Therefore it has always been our goal to provide our advertisers with effective yet affordable advertising packages that bring their company name and products to the attention of the 600,000 technology enthusiasts who visit Overclock3D every month, without destroying their budgets.

Last year Overclock3D delivered over 90 million (yes you read that right) banner impressions across its website. This is more viewings of our advertisers banners than any printed technology publication could hope to achieve across its entire I.T magazine portfolio in 30 years!

Our reader demographic is over 95% male, with the largest section being aged 18-30 and working in some area of information technology. Therefore we will only ever accept banners for products or companies that fit this description, ensuring that none of our advertising inventory goes to waste advertising smiley websites, credit scoring or gambling when it could instead be showing off images of the latest hardware!

At the beginning of 2010 the decision was made to move our banner delivery system over to Google’s ‘Ad Manager’ service in an effort to ensure that the delivery system could cope with the ever increasing number of visitors to the website. Of course this does have other benefits too, including providing our advertisers with an easy way to book banners, run reports and change delivery settings on existing campaigns by linking the campaign to their Google account name.

To discuss advertising options or obtain our latest rate card please contact [email protected].

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