AWD-IT ASUS A21 BTF System Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

ASUS A21 BTF AWD-IT System Review


The AWD-IT ASUS A21 BTF Black system might appear, at first glance, to be a fairly standard, affordable, gaming setup. It’s one of those things which occasionally appears on the market and takes a second look to fully appreciate.

That is, of course, where we come in. Not only are we here to show you how it performs as a regular gaming rig, but also highlight why the ASUS A21 BTF part of it is so cool. The keen-eyed amongst you, or those of you with a lot of experience staring at fine details, might have already worked it out. If it wasn’t Christmas and the smell of mince pies are calling us, then we might have been willing to wait a while for someone to pipe up with what it is. However, it is three days from the joys of sprouts and distant family members, so we need to crack on.

The ASUS A21 BTF is aimed squarely at those of you who are right in the heart of the gaming segment. As anyone who has looked at the Steam Hardware Survey might know, the disparity between people who own high-end hardware and are very visible online, and those who run regular systems, is enormous. You would think that most people had an RTX 4080 by browsing the net. Checking the Steam Hardware Survey the first appearance of a 4000 series Nvidia card is in 22nd place. 60% of gamers run 1080P. Yes gaming forums might have you believe everyone has a RTX 4090 @ 4K, but the numbers don’t remotely back that up.

Which makes the RTX 4060 Ti and Intel Core i5 combo here, perfect for the majority of you. Let’s check it out.

Build Specifications

Like many companies, AWD-IT offer a service where you can customise your build. At the time of writing it’s fairly limited on this model, although we’re assured it will be fleshed out soon. For the moment our review system is slightly different to the one on their website, and is as follows :

Case ASUS A21
CPU Intel Core i5-13400F
Motherboard ASUS B760M-BTF D4
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz
Storage 1TB PCIe 3 M.2
GPU ASUS RTX 4060 Ti Dual OC
PSU ASUS Prime 850W Gold – White
CPU Cooling Jonsbo CR-1200E
Case Fans Cooler Master 120mm ARGB
OS Windows 10 Home
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