Cooler Master Booth Tour at CES 2024

Cooler Master at CES 2024

Cooler Master exceeded all of our expectations at CES 2024

The Cooler Master  team had revealed a lot of new products ahead of CES 2024, so much so that we though the company wouldn’t have anything else to show us. We were wrong. Those reveals were just the warm up act, and we were shocked by the number of new products that Cooler Master had at their booth.

We saw sim racers, cooling solutions, power supplies, new cases, new fans, and lots of things that we aren’t allowed to talk about. Yes, they even had a separate room that you needed to sign an NDA to enter. Those secrets will no doubt be revealed at a later date, but even without them Cooler Master has plenty to showcase.

The new Cooler Master V8 – The Next King of Air Coolers?

Cooler Master’s engineers are all enthusiasts at heart. They want to create the best cases and cooling solutions for their customers, and one of their latest labours of love is their “Project V8“. This new heatsink can handle up to 300 watts of power with its 3D vapour chamber and superconductor composite heatpipe technology.

This heatsink promises to be Cooler Master’s strongest air cooler to date . We are excited to see this product hit retailers, and to see how it performs. We have written about Cooler Master’s new V8 CPU cooler in more detail here.

Project VGA Cooler – Changing GPU Cooling forever?

Next up we have something a little different. Cooler Master has designed a vertical GPU mount that allows users to replace their GPU fans with their own Mobius series fans. All users need to do is remove their GPU’s shroud and fans (which can typically be done without voiding your warranty), and mount Cooler Master’s Project VGA cooler in front of it.

Cooler Master’s Mobius 120mm fans are solid performers, and are larger than thicker than any GPU fan. On average, Cooler Master claims that graphics cards will run 5 degrees cooler using their “Project VGA Cooler”. More importantly, this cooling solution can deliver these lower thermals while being quieter. That makes this cooling solution a win-win for PC enthusiasts. It also looks fantastic.

Mobius 360 ARGB fan triple-fan setup

This product is a simple one. It’s effectively three fans in one. Three 120mm Mobius ARGB fans that are within a single, unified structure. By bringing these three fans together, users get a product with a cleaner overall appearance, and a product with fewer cables. The Mobius 360 ARGB has one fan connector and one ARGB connector. That’s a lot easier to manage than three separate fans. On top of that, this can be installed with four screws, not twelve.

Cooler Master reveals their Mobius 2 at CES

Cooler Master have started teasing their next-generation Mobius fan. The Mobius 2 features redesigned blades, are thicker than their current-generation counterparts and feature a new 3-phase motor. All of these design changes should increase the performance of Cooler Master’s next-generation Mobius fans to more impressive heights.

Cooler Master’s entering the custom liquid cooling market

Cooler Master make custom water cooling components now? Yes! We got to see a lot of their offerings at CES. We saw pumps, reservoirs, water blocks, and all manner of fittings.

What was odd about Cooler Master’s showcase was that they had custom tubing, square tubing. Yes, square! In fact, a lot of Cooler Master’s liquid cooling products were on the square/angular side. It is a nice aesthetic, and it is certainly different from the norm, but only time will tell if this unique aesthetic proves popular. We also got to see some fully water cooled systems at Cooler Master’s CES booth. You will see those when we move onto cases.

Below you can also see a variety of coolant options that Cooler Master produce. Below we have purple, blue, clear, white and red colour options. I’m sure Cooler Master will create more colour options eventually, but for now these options should suit most customers.

Cooler Master have built a vapour chamber cooler for NVMe SSDs

If you haven’t noticed, SSDs are getting hotter. This is especially true if you have been looking at fast PCIe 5.0 drives. Cooler Master has been experimenting with SSD cooling solutions, and at CES they were able to show us some of their results.

Sadly, TTL did not give us a good picture of Cooler Master’s Vapour chambered cooled SSD heatsink. We will have to make do with a screen-grab from his booth tour video. As you can see, this SSD heatsink is slim and passively cooled. Cooler Master claims that this heatsink can keep SSDs 5-10 degrees cooler than larger/thicker motherboard NVMe heatsinks. Not bad for a passive SSD cooler of this size.

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