Corsair K55 Core Keyboard Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Corsair K55 Core Review


The Corsair keyboard range is certainly one with a product for everyone. From their base, membrane key, models all the way up to their K100 Platinum. The K55 Core is the newest addition, sliding in just a hair below the current K55.

Like many keyboards around this price, the Corsair K55 Core is membrane rather than mechanical switches. Perfect if you like the typing feel and quietness from a membrane design. Additionally it only has 12 key rollover rather than NKEY. This is the amount of keys you can press at once and still have them register. If you ever want to test that, just hold down both shift keys on your keyboard and type the alphabet. But unless you ‘Hulk Smash’ your keyboard on a regular basis, or type at a million miles an hour, you won’t notice. With 10 zones of RGB lighting and some dedicated media keys, it is a step above a lot of keyboards around this price point.

The element we’re most interested in is how it fares against the existing Corsair K55. Does the Core keep up the Corsair attention to detail? Let’s find out.

Technical Specifications

Corsair K55 Core Specifications

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