Sabrent 2TB Rocket 5 Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Sabrent Rocket 5 Review


Sabrent deserve an awful lot of plaudits for how quickly they have arrived. It wasn’t that long ago we first saw their drives. They famously were festooned with huge, copper-heatpipe heatsinks. At the time, being a new brand, it would’ve been easy to confuse them for a random Chinese factory. Crazy performance claims and low prices. It felt too good to be true.

Of course we now know that Sabrent are not only legit, they’re amongst the best. All of their products push performance boundaries. Yet even their most capable products are still priced to sell. It’s as if they haven’t the arrogance to assume their brand-name is enough to increase the price solely because it has a particular word on it. Instead, they are priced like a brand of which you haven’t yet heard. Despite being the brand most people own. Certainly anyone who isn’t a brand snob and just wants a high performance storage option will have investigated them.

You can’t help but do so. Particularly if you’re like us and tend to pick the “sort by price from low to high” option. Blazing speed. High capacity. Affordable price. What’s not to like? Does this newest version truly do what it claims? Namely, maximise the PCI Express 5.0 bandwidth and do so without toasting your rig? Let’s find out.

Technical Specifications

So new is the Sabrent Rocket 5 that they haven’t got any official specifications available. However, the undeniable star of the show, and also the important element of any M.2 is the controller. The Sabrent Rocket 5 boasts the latest iteration of the Phison controller. Here in PS5026-E26 form, it boasts dual Arm Cortex-R5 processors, supports multiple NAND types and basically maxes the PCI Express 5.0 bandwidth. It’s a beast. What we really like, having spoken to the people from Phison, is the promise it solves the temperature issues that plague Gen 5 drives. Anyone who checks out our reviews knows how hard the temperatures are to tame. Most of our M.2 reviews involve active cooling. The Sabrent Rocket 5 is run au naturel. With good reason as you’ll see.

Phison PS5026-E26 Specifications

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