Corsair MP600 Elite 2TB Gen4 NVMe Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Corsair MP600 Elite Review


The Corsair MP range of NVMe drives has been around for what feels like forever. We’ve reviewed a whole host of them before, including the Corsair MP600 Pro, and today it’s time to take a look at the MP600 Elite.

By now the tale will be a familiar one if you keep up with the hardware world. Gen 4 NVMe drives are the perfect balance between performance and coolness. Not cool as in “well cool”, but actually frosty. Or, perhaps it’s better to say the PCIe Gen 5 drives are hot.

The real reason a lot of people investigate the Gen 4 drives, especially around the 2TB capacity sweet spot, is consoles. Both the XBOX Series X, or whatever the latest one is called within Microsoft’s confusing nomenclature, and the Playstation 5 support M.2 upgrades. With the heft of modern AAA titles easily hitting 100GB it’s easy to see why you might want to invest in a new model. If you just want an extra place to put your Steam library, or even want to go for a fast OS drive, then a Gen 4 model is perfect. Which is where the Corsair MP600 Elite comes in.

There are two different capacities, 1TB and 2TB, as well as a choice as to whether you want the heatsink installed or not. We’ve got the heatsink 2TB model for review today. How will it fair in a very competitive market? Will it best the huge selling Sabrent drives? Does the Elite trump Corsair’s own Pro or vanilla MP600 models? Let’s find out.

Technical Specifications


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