PC gamers can now play over 100 PS3 games online through the RPCS3 emulator

RPCN allows PC gamers to play PS3 games online through RPCS3

For then uninitiated, RPCS3 is the world’s best PlayStation 3 (PS3) emulator for PC. Right now it can run all known PS3 games, with 68.7% of games being playable from start to finish with no game-breaking bugs or glitches. Now, RPCS3 has taken another bolt step forward, enabling online play for over 100 PS3 classics on PC.

RPCS3 does not connect to the PlayStation Network to enable online play. RPCS3 has its own network called RPCN, which has its own friends system and online capabilities. Right now, over 100 games are playable online through RPCN on the RPCS3 emulator. This includes games like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD, Soul Calibur 5, Minecraft, Demon Souls, Payday 1 & 2, and many other games.

RPCN remains in development, and many PS3 games cannot be played online yet. Many games also require custom servers. These servers need to be created by the community to make online play possible. Over time, more games will become playable though RPCN and RPCS3, but it will take time for the supported game list to grow.

A full list of online capable PS3 games for RPCS3/RPCN is available to read here.

The RPCS3 PS3 emulator for PC is the best place to play many PlayStation 3 games

Today, RPCS3 is the best place to play many PlayStation 3 classic. The emulator can currently run many PS3 games with higher framerates and at higher resolutions than their original PS3 versions. This makes many PS3 games both looks and play better on RPCS3. While you need a powerful PC to run some of the more demanding PS3 games using RPCS3, recent years have seen RPCS3’s performance improve significantly. On top of that, modern PC hardware is now more powerful than ever. This allows many PC gamers to brute force their way to higher RPCS3 performance.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 console is arguably the company’s most complex console. The system’s Cell architecture is difficult to understand, and even harder to replicate on PCs through emulation. The team behind RPCS3 has done a great job getting this far with their emulator. Honestly, I didn’t think online play would ever be possible on RPCS3. Now I’ve been proven wrong.

We look forward to seeing RPCS3’s development reach even greater heights in the future.

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