General Awards
Gold Award

Dubbed as the “King of Awards”, the Overclock3D gold award is only ever presented to products that we believe are the very best in that particular class. Only a handful of products have received this award since the launch of Overclock3D, and the award is generally reserved until we have believe that we have reviewed a good portion of competing products in the same sector.

Silver  Award

Overclock3D’s silver award signifies that the product on review meets the extremely high standards of the reviewer and is also available at a reasonable price point. Either no issues could be found with the product, or any issues found do not affect the performance / overall functionality of the product in any way. Essentially, the reviewer would choose this product for use in their own PC.

Bronze Award

Products of reasonably high quality that generally fall just short of the silver award can still come recommended from Overclock3D in the form of our bronze award. While this award is often presented to products that are imperfect and may exhibit at least one minor issue, the reviewer believes that the product is still strong in the areas that it matters most. The bronze award should be taken by readers as a nudge to peruse the review in its entirety and make their own informed decisions.

Specific Awards
Gamers Choice

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of gaming related products available for the PC. While many of these products can be categorised under any of our general awards, there are often occasions where the reviewed product offers such an improvement to a users gaming experience that a specific award is required. Whilst not as prestigious as the “Best in Class” or “Editors Choice” awards, the “Gamers Choice” award is used by Overclock3D to signify the importance of such products to the gaming community.


While many of Overclock3D’s awards take aspects such as price and appearance into consideration, the Overclock3D  “Performance” award is presented to products that fulfil one clear goal: to be the highest performing/overclocking product on the market regardless of price and appearance. Examples of this award can be seen in reviews of high-end graphics cards or the latest DDR3 memory modules, which may cost more than the average user can afford, but offer unmatched performance levels and/or overclocking potential.

Complimentary Awards
Value for Money

Often combined with any one of the awards above, the Overclock3D “Value for Money” award signifies that the product on review showed exceptional value for money when compared to similar products in its class. Although this award alone does not explicitly state that the product is of high quality, readers can assume that purchasing this product will give them a foothold into a class of product that would normally be unavailable at the given price point.


When combined with any of the general awards, this award signifies that the product provides an innovative solution to the issue/task it was set out to address or adds an entirely new concept to the technology field. The award can also be used when the manufacturer uses new methods of creating the product that either have a positive effect on the product itself or the surrounding environment.


Almost any manufacturer can cobble together an extremely powerful graphics card or power supply. But to make one that doesn’t have a series of screaming Delta fans strapped to it requires a much higher level of engineering competence. Our silence award signifies that the product in testing not only performed its primary task to acceptable standards, but also did it with a level of silence that would make it suitable for use in a living room HTPC.

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