Enermax Booth Tour at CES 2024

Enermax showcases an impressive lineup of cases, coolers, and power supplies at CES 2024

Enermax was one of the last companies that we visited at CES. We reviewed some of their products last year and we were interested in seeing that’s coming next from the company. At CES, Enermax had a huge number of new PSUs to show us, several new PC cases, and a collection of CPU liquid coolers.

Enermax embraces Intel’s ATX12VO at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Enermax has embraced Intel’s ATX12VO power supply standard. We have looked at ATX12VO back in 2021, and the standard has huge benefits when it comes to PC power efficiency. This is especially true under low loads.

Enermax has stated that the ATX12VO standard can allow PC manufacturers to more easily meet power efficiency targets. This is important for system integrators and OEM systems builders, as failing to meet new power efficiency standards could prevent them from selling their products in certain markets. With this in mind, Enermax expects ATX12VO adoption to grow in the coming years.

Meet the Enermax PlatiGemini hybrid ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO power supply

To helps PC builders with the transition from ATX12V to ATX12VO, Enermax has created their PlatiGemini power supply. This 1200W power supply supports both the ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO power supply standards, and features an 80+ Platinum power efficiency rating.

This new power supply can be connected to ATX12V and ATX12VO motherboards. This is why this new power supply has Gemini in the name. Enermax has created a PSU that is compatible with both PSU standards. This is great news for any PC builder who may want to built a an ATX12VO system in the future.

Shorter PSUs with easier cable management – Meet the Revolution DF 12 series

Next up we have the Revolution DF 12 series. These new ATX 3.1 power supplies are designed to be amongst the smallest ATX power supplies on the market. With a length of 122mm, these cases give users more space for cable management in most PC cases. This is especially useful for Micro ATX and Mini ITX PCs, where space is at a premium. Like all ATX 3.1 power supplies, these PSUs will be using 12V-2×6 cables instead of 12VHPWR cables.

All cables that are included with these new power supplies are braided and come with cable combs. These power supplies will also be available in black and white, with the white option featuring white braided cables. Enermax has also confirmed that these PSUs are 80+ Gold rated, and that their fans remain inactive until 50+% loads.

Enermax’s new Revolution DF Gold series will be available in Q1 2024.

An even greater Revolution – Enermax launches a 1650W Revolution DFX power supply at CES

We reviewed Enermax’s Revolution DFX 1200W power supply in September 2023, and now Enermax has delivered two even more powerful versions of this power supply. At CES, Enermax has revealed 1350W and 1650W versions of their RevolutionDFX power supplies, offering users plenty of power for powerhouse gaming PCs or workstations.

Meet the EK Platimax DFX series

New to Enermax’s PSU lineup is the Platimax DFX, and 80+ Platinum rated power supply that is both ATX 3.1 certified and PCIe 5.1 certified. This PSU is more efficient than the 80+ Gold rated Revolution DFX series, minimising power wastage.

This is the next generation of the Revolution DFX series, the Revolution DFX PRO

This year, it looks like Enermax are revamping their Revolution DFX series with new PRO series units. These new units will be ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 compliant and feature 12V-2×6 cables. ATX 3.1 mandates support for higher levels of power excursion, 235% instead of the 200% called for by ATX 3.0.

It is great to see Enermax working quickly to adopt the latest PSU standards, and to deliver other improvements to their PSU lineup. Like their new Revolution DF series PSUs, these new Revolution DFX PSUs will feature individually sleeved cables, which is great news for PC builders who want a tidier looking PC.

Ready to cool the biggest CPUs – Enermax reveals their LIQTECH XTR liquid cooler

2023 saw the launch of new high-end desktop processors from both AMD and Intel. That means that the PC market needs new CPU coolers for large processors. For AMD’s latest Threadripper CPUs and Intel’s newest Xeon workstation processors, Enermax has their LIQTECH XTR. This all-in-one CPU liquid cooler will be available with 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, and 420mm radiator sizes.

With its large cold plate design, this liquid cooler is designed to effectively cool the largest CPUs on the market. That includes AMD’s 96-core Threadripper PRO 7995WX.

Capable AIOs with replaceable tops – Meet the LIQMAXFLO

We reviewed Enermax’s LIQMAXFLO 360mm liquid cooler last year, and it was a fairly effective CPU cooler given its pricing. At CES, we got to see this CPU cooler’s larger 420mm version, and some top replacements that Enermax are working on. Since its tops are replaceable, one has to wonder why Enermax has not released design files to allow the 3D printing community to create custom tops for this AIO.

New cases from Enermax. Meet the Enerpazo EP33 and EP23

At CES 2023, Enermax released their Enerpazo EP33 and Enerpazo EP23 cases. These cases are made for EATX/ATX and MicroATX PCs respectively. The larger Enerpazo EP33 can support up to a 420mm liquid cooling radiator at its front and a 360mm liquid cooling radiator at its top. The smaller Enerpazo EP23 supports up to a 360mm liquid cooling radiator at the front and up to a 280mm liquid cooling radiator at its top.

Below you can see the Enerpazo EP33. This full PC build was made with custom PUBG artwork. This artwork will not be present on the retail version of this PC case.

Closing thoughts on the Enermax CES Booth

At CES Enermax has showcased its drive to create new and better power supplies. We can see that Enermax plans to broadly adopt the new ATX 3.1 standard, and intends to ship many of their upcoming PSUs with individually braided cables. If the PC market moves in the direction of ATX12VO, we can see PSUs like the Enermax PlatiGemini being very popular amongst enthusiasts. Do you think ATX12VO will catch on?

You can join the discussion on Enermax’s CES 2024 prescense on the OC3D Forums.

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