Touring the HYTE Booth at CES 2024

Here’s what HYTE had to show us at CES 2024

HYTE is relatively new to he PC market, appearing out of nowhere to set the PC market on a new course. It is rare to see a new PC case and accessories manufacturer become this popular this quickly. That’s a testament to the quality of their products, and their ability to deliver products that are different from the norm.

When we heard that HYTE was at CES, we just had to visit them. While we were hoping that they would have some new cases to show us, what they did reveal to us left us equally impressed.

The People of CES 2024

A special thanks goes to Alex and Hal at the HYTE booth for showing us around. We’ve worked with Hal for a few years now, and he is a great guy. Alex, as it turns out, is a long-time OC3D subscriber on YouTube. TTL has informed me that Alex has a well modded Cosmos PC case at home and has achieved some impressive oldschool overclocks on his Rampage III Extreme. It is great to see fans at events like CES, and even better for see some of them move into the PC industry.

Thanks guys for keeping things going at the HYTE booth. We enjoyed meeting you both and look forward to working with you again.

HYTE NEXUS Link control ecosystem

HYTE’s NEXUS Link control system is one of the company’s CES 2024 highlights. With their Nexus Portal NP50 controller, users can control up to 18 devices using one of the controller’s ports or up to 54 devices in total. Each NP50 controller can draw up to 180 watts of power and 15 amps of current. That’s enough to power an huge number of fans, RGB LED strips, or other Nexus add-ons.

Alongside their Nexus Link system, HYTE will be launching LS10 and LS30 QRGB LED lighting strips. These strips are 20-pixel and 62-pixel respectively and 330mm and 1,000mm long respectively. These strips neodymium magnets for easy PC case mounting, and feature adhesive stops to enable mounting for non-metallic surfaces.

With HYTE’s THICC Q60 liquid cooler, the company has included a smaller Nexus node that supports two channels and up 34 devices in total. This level of device support is crazy high. HYTE support up to 18 devices per channel. In contrast, Corsair support only 7 devices per channel with iCUE Link.

HYTE THICC Q60 CPU Liquid Cooler

We have already spoken about the HYTE THICC Q60 in its own dedicated article. In short, this liquid cooler aims to beat 360mm liquid coolers within the 240mm form factor. HYTE are achieving this with a custom dual-pump design, a 52mm thick liquid cooling radiator, and 32mm THICC FP12 fans.

Hyte’s Director, Rob Teller, has stated that “This 240 will destroy any 360 AIO from our competition.” Them’s fightin words! We’re excited to get hands on with this liquid cooler for some in-depth testing. Can HYTE really beat 360mm liquid coolers with a 240mm radiator?

HYTE reveals their THICC FP12 fans at CES

HYTE will be releasing their THICC FP12 performance fans as a standalone product. These fans are thicker than standard 120mm fans, being 32mm thick instead of 25mm thick, and feature fiberglass reinforced liquid crystal polymer blades and are compatible with HYUTE’s NEXUS Link control systems. A Nexus Link Type-M to 4-pin PWM power adapter is also available for direct-to-PC fan connections.

With their thicker design and custom blades, HYTE aims to deliver best-in-class performance-to-noise ratios for both case and radiator fan applications. These fans can spin at speeds of up to 3,000 RPM, and support a 0 RPM fan mode if users wish to use it.

Meet the HYTE KEEB TKL, the craziest keyboard of CES 2024

The story behind the KEEB is a simple one. Rob Teller, HYTE’s product director, asked the team in 2021 where their disposable income was going. The HYTE team, keyboard enthusiasts that they are, simply answered keyboards.

Three years later, and with some missteps along the way, we now have the KEEB. The KEEB is a tenkeyless mechanical RGB keyboard that aims to deliver users a premium typing experience.  Its impact-resistant CrystalBubble Polycarbonate case lets RGB lighting shine through and gives the keyboard an almost indestructible feel. The keyboard also features fappy paddle media keys, dual magnetic rollers, and double shot PBT keycaps. With open-source support for OpenRGB, OpenPleb and more, users can also control this keyboard in whatever way they wish.

While its aesthetic may be a little marmite, the keyboard itself feels very high quality. With four layers of sound dampening, HYTE aims to give users a tranquil typing experience. With gasket mounted keys, krytox-lubed HYTE Fluffy Lavender linear switches and a neat braided USB cable, this keyboard promises users a premium experience.

At launch, the KEEB will cost $179.99 in the US and £199.99 in the UK.

Custom Persona 3 PC Case and Desk mat

Persona 3 Reloaded is releasing soon, and ATLUS and HYTE have joined forced to create the ultimate PC case for this new game release. This case is due to ship in February and will ship with a collectible, limited-edition metal Fool Arcana card and carrying tin. Early purchases of this custom case will also come with a wall scroll.

HYTE’s Persona 3 Y60 case is available to pre-order here.

Custom Watson Amelia PC case and Desk mat

I’m not going to pretend that I know what Watson Amelia is. I honestly have no idea, and Googling the matter has only left me more confused that I was before. All I’m going to say here is that this is a great looking branded PC case, and that HYTE has done a great job creating it. The HYTE x hololive_EN collab has successfully produced a number of custom cases, with the Watson Amelia being the latest to be announced.

Currently, this Limited Edition case is available to pre-order of Hyte’s website as part of a bundle that includes a desk mat,  a wall scroll, a keychain, a push a notepad and other accessories.

Closing thoughts on the HYTE CES Booth

While the HYTE booth wasn’t as large as that of MSI or Cooler Master, it is clear to us that HYTE are aiming high. With their THICC Q60 liquid cooler they are ignoring market norms and have created something unique and powerful. With their Nexus Link ecosystem they have created something that aims to be much more versatile that the competition. Those are no small feats, and so far HYTE has create a range of very popular products.

HYTE may be new to the PC market, but they have quickly grown to become major contenders. We look forward to seeing what HYTE has coming in 2024.

You can join the discussion on HYTE’s CES booth on the OC3D Forums.

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