Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Headset Review

Sennheiser GSP670 Wireless Headset Review


If you’ve been in the audio world for even a brief period there are a few names that will be familiar to you. One of which is Sennheiser, famed for their broad range of audio solutions and high quality listening experience.

Why are they on a website dedicated to the entertainment side of life with a heavy focus on PC gaming? They have released today’s review, the GSP 670, which is their first wireless, gaming focussed headset. With an emphasis on near zero latency and multiple connection options allied to a quality noise-cancelling microphone and all wrapped up with Sennheiser’s famed comfort and audio quality we wanted to find out what you could get at the premium end of the market.

After all, if most enthusiastic gamers are willing to spend a thousand pounds on a processor or graphics card, and many hundreds on a beautiful display, why scrimp on the quality of your listening experience? As anyone who has had to play a game muted will know, the audio can give us as much information as our eyes and good quality sound can be the difference between hearing your foe and smiting them or wondering what the heck hit you.

With our systems capable of handling everything from films to TV to music and, of course, gaming, the need for a quality headset is paramount and the Sennheiser GSP 670 can connect either wired, wirelessly with the supplied dongle, or via Bluetooth to keep you listening all day on all your devices. Let’s take a look, and then a listen.

Technical Specifications

– Closed acoustic wireless gaming headset

– Flexible wireless features: low-latency connection and Bluetooth®

– Low-latency connection transmits with near-zero delay

– Bluetooth® enables wide range of applications

– Intelligent battery management turns headset on and off automatically

– Up to 20 hours of battery life via Bluetooth® and up to 16 hours with the low-latency connection, 200 hours standby

– Simultaneous charging and operation over USB

– Quick USB charging: 7-minute charge for 2 hours of wireless usage

– Separate volume control of chat audio and game audio by double USB enumeration

– Advanced noise-cancelling broadcast quality microphone for crystal-clear communication

– Flexible microphone boom arm with ‘lift to mute’ function

– Solid metal hinge system for outstanding durability

– Adjustable contact pressure on headband for customized fit

– Ergonomic memory foam ear pad shape mirrors the shape of the ear for improved comfort, noise isolation, and preservation of lower frequencies

– Leatherette-edged ear pads feature a soft suede-like material against the ear for enhanced comfort

– Sennheiser Gaming Suite for customization and optimization of audio settings

– Programmable smart button

– LED status displays and voice prompts

– Supplied with USB dongle GSA 70 and a 1.5m USB cable

– Multi-platform compatibility (PC, Mac®, PS4®, tablets and mobiles)

– 2-year international warranty