ASUS ROG Strix Go Headset Review

ASUS ROG Strix Go Headset Review


We’ve had two ASUS ROG headsets arrive in the office this week. One the one side we have the Delta S, a headset with all the flash and flair one would expect from the famous Republic of Gamers brand. On the other we have the Strix Go, a headset which trims off making your head glow in the name of providing high performance audio at an affordable price, all whilst doing it in a manner compatible with almost anything of which you care to think.

One of the great benefits of modern consoles becoming more like PCs in a box is their adoption of USB connectivity and support for USB audio letting products such as the Go fit on all the major consoles, mobile devices and the like. This flexibility has bled through into the design too with the Go able to be fully folded for easier portability, whilst the Discord certified microphone lets you tell everyone that the imposter is hiding in the kitchen wherever you are.

Let’s run through the specifications and take a look at the Strix Go in the flesh.

Technical Specifications

Connection USB Type-C 3.1
USB Type-A 2.0 (with supplied adaptor)
Supported Platforms PC
Playstation 4
Playstation 5
Nintendo Switch
Driver Neodymium
Driver Size 40mm
Impedence 32 Ohm
Frequency Response 20Hz-40kHz
Microphone Sensitivity -45dB Unidirectional
Microphone Frequency Response 100Hz-10kHz
AI Noise Cancellation Yes
Foldable Yes
Weight 262g